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LP (Singer) Net Worth

Alternative singer, songwriter. Born on March 18, 1981 in Huntington, New York, United States. LP’s net worth is estimated at 10 million dollars. Birth name: Laura Pergolizzi LP singer’s Height: N/A Nationality: American Began career: 2001 Associated acts: Gashka,

Conkarah Net Worth

Reggae singer, songwriter. Born on January 30, 1985 in Kingston, Jamaica. Conkarah’s net worth is estimated at 750 thousand dollars. Real name: Nicholas Murray Conkarah’s Height: N/A Nationality: Jamaican Began music career: 2011 The most popular song of Conkarah:

Kranium Net Worth

Reggae singer. Born on August 12, 1993 in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Kranium’s net worth is estimated at 1.4 million dollars. Real name: Kemar Donaldson Kranium’s Height: N/A Nationality: Jamaican Began career: 2013 The most popular song of Kranium: Nobody

Lukas Rieger Net Worth

Singer. Born on June 3, 1999 in Lehrte, Germany. Lukas Rieger’s net worth is estimated at 500 thousand dollars. Real name: Lukas Rieger Parents: Birgit Rieger, Michael Rieger. Siblings: Marie Rieger Lukas Rieger’s Height: 5’10” (1,78 m) Nationality:

Haddaway Net Worth

Singer, songwriter, musician. Born on January 9, 1965 in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Haddaway’s net worth is estimated at 7 million dollars. Real name: Nestor Alexander Haddaway Origin: Cologne, Germany Haddaway’s Height: N/A Nationality: Trinidadian-German Began

Nacho Net Worth

Singer, producer. Born on August 22, 1983 in Lecheria, Venezuela. Nacho’s net worth is estimated at 10 million dollars. Real name: Miguel Ignacio Mendoza Donatti Nacho’s Wife: Inger Devera (married 2013) Children: Diego Ignacio Mendoza, Miguel Alejandro Mendoza,

Harry Nilsson Net Worth

Singer, songwriter. Born on June 15, 1941 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States. Harry Nilsson’s net worth was estimated at 7 million dollars. Real name: Harry Edward Nilsson III Children: Zak Nilsson, Annie Nilsson, Olivia Nilsson,

Jamie Isaac Net Worth

Singer, producer. Born on July 2, 1994 in Croydon, United Kingdom. Jamie Isaac’s net worth is estimated at 200 thousand dollars. Real name: Tom Cully Jamie Isaac’s Height: Nationality: English Began music career: 2011 The most popular song of Jamie

King Krule Net Worth

Singer-songwriter. Born on August 24, 1994 in London, United Kingdom. King Krule’s net worth is estimated at 2.6 million dollars. Real name: Archy Ivan Marshall Nicknames: Zoo Kid, DJ JD Sports, Edgar The Breathtaker, Lankslacks, Simply Red, Archy Marshall.

Chris Cornell Net Worth

Musician, singer. Born on July 20, 1964 in Seattle, Washington, United States. Chris Cornell’s net worth was estimated at 65 million dollars. Real name: Christopher John Boyle Chris Cornell’s Wife: Vicky Karayiannis (m. 2004–2017), Susan Silver (m. 1990–2004) Chris

Claudine Longet Net Worth

Singer, actress, dancer. Born on January 29, 1942 in Paris, France. Claudine Longet’s net worth is estimated at 3 million dollars. Real name: Claudine Georgette Longet Claudine Longet’s Husband: Andy Williams (married 1961–1975) Children: Noelle Williams, Christian Williams, Robert

Camilo Sesto Net Worth

Singer-songwriter. Born on September 16, 1946 in Alcoy, Spain. Camilo Sesto’s net worth is estimated at 75 million dollars. Real name: Camilo Blanes Cortés Children: Camilo Blanes Siblings: Chelo Blanes Camilo Sesto’s Height: 5’11.5″ (1.82m) Nationality: Spanish Began career: 1964

Charytin Net Worth

Singer, actress. Born on May 23, 1949 in Santa Lucía, El Seibo, Dominican Republic. Charytin’s net worth is estimated at 1.5 million dollars. Real name: María del Rosario Goico Rodríguez Also known as: Charytín Goyco Charytin’s Husband: Elin Ortiz

Amanda Perez Net Worth

Singer, songwriter, producer. Born on May 24, 1980 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States. Amanda Perez’s net worth is estimated at 800 thousand dollars. Real name: Billie Eilish Parents: Linda Lou Garcia Perez, Andres Perez Jr. Amanda Perez’s Height: Nationality:

Billie Eilish Net Worth

Singer. Born on December 19, 2001 in Los Angeles, California, United States. Billie Eilish’s net worth is estimated at 150 thousand dollars. Real name: Billie Eilish Siblings: Finneas O’Connell. Billie Eilish’s Height: 5’3″ (1.60 m) Nationality: American Began career: 2014

Isaac Carree Net Worth

Gospel musician, singer. Born on April 28, 1973 in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States. Isaac Carree’s net worth is estimated at 1 million dollars. Real name: Isaac Thompson Carree III Parents: Nancy Wilson Isaac Thompson Carree, Jr. Isaac Carree’s Wife:

Katy B Net Worth

Singer, songwriter, DJ. Born on May 8, 1989 in Peckham, London, United Kingdom. Katy B’s net worth is estimated at 3.4 million dollars. Real name: Kathleen Anne Brien Nickname: Baby Katy Brother: Andrew Brien Katy B’s Height: 5′ 2.5″ (1.59m) Nationality:

Phil Driscoll Net Worth

Singer, songwriter, trumpeter, record producer. Born on November 9, 1947 in Seattle, Washington, United States. Phil Driscoll’s net worth is estimated at 2.5 million dollars. Real name: Phil Driscoll Phil Driscoll’s Wife: Lynne Driscoll (married 1978) Children: Jamie, Danielle, Shawn.

Charles Billingsley Net Worth

Singer, songwriter, worship leader, author. Born on January 7, 1970 in New Mexico, United States. Charles Billingsley’s net worth is estimated at 700 thousand dollars. Real name: Charles Billingsley Wife: Shae Billingsley (married 1994) Children: Cooper Billingsley, Caleb Billingsley. Charles

Alina Baraz Net Worth

Singer, songwriter. Born on September 24, 1993 in Ohio, United States. Alina Baraz’s net worth is estimated at 200 thousand dollars. Real name: Alina Baraz Alina Baraz’s Height: Nationality: American Began career: 2015 Associated acts: Galimatias, Ta‑ku, Khalid, Tove Lo, Kerli,