Wes Craven Net Worth

Film director, writer, producer, actor. Born on August 2, 1939 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. Wes Craven’s net worth was estimated at 40 million dollars.

Birth name: Wesley Earl Craven
Wes Craven’s Wife: Iya Labunka (married 2004–2015), Mimi Craven (married 1982–1987), Bonnie Broecker (married 1964–1969).
Wes Craven’s Children: Jonathan Craven, Jessica Craven.
Nationality: American
Began career: 1971

How much was Wes Craven worth?
Wes Craven’s net worth was $40 million.

Wes Craven’s Films: A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, The Last House on the Left.
Also search for: Robert Englund, Neve Campbell, John Carpenter.
Died: August 30, 2015, Los Angeles, California, United States

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