Jackie Kashian Net Worth

Jackie Kashian is a stand-up performer and actress. How rich is Jackie Kashian?

Comedian. Born on July 20, 1965 in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. Jackie Kashian’s net worth is estimated at 1 million dollars. In 1983, she received her high school diploma from South Milwaukee High School. Kashian found her passion for stand-up comedy while studying at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. During the month of August 2006, Kashian started presenting the podcast Dork Forest Radio, which ultimately evolved into The Dork Forest, with new episodes broadcast once or twice a week.

Full name: Jackie Kashian
Spouse: Andy Ashcraft (m. 2006)
Siblings: Darla Kashian
Jackie Kashian’s Height: 5’2.5″ (159 cm)
Nationality: American
Began career: 1986

How much is Jackie Kashian worth?
Jackie Kashian’s net worth is $1 million.

Jackie Kashian’s Films and TV Series: Maria Bamford: The Special Special Special, The Coach Who Clothed Them, Bam Bam and Celeste.
Appeared alongside: Laurie Kilmartin, Maria Bamford, Jen Kirkman, Danielle Koenig.