Mike Watt Net Worth

Bassist, vocalist, songwriter. Born on December 20, 1957 in Portsmouth, Virginia, United States. Mike Watt’s net worth is estimated at 5 million dollars.

Real name: Michael David Watt
Wife: Kira Roessler (married 1987–1994).
Mike Watt’s Height:
Nationality: American
Began career: 1978
Associated acts: Minutemen, Firehose, Ciccone Youth, Dos, Banyan, The Reactionaries, Bootstrappers, Hellride, J Mascis + The Fog, The Stooges, The Black Gang, The Secondmen, Unknown Instructors, Anywhere, Funanori, The Clubber Lang Gang, Floored By Four, Sonic Youth Foo Fighters.

How much is Mike Watt worth?
Mike Watt’s net worth is $5 million.

Record labels: Columbia, SST, New Alliance, Kill Rock Stars, Clenchedwrench.
Music genres: Punk rock, hardcore punk, post-punk, alternative rock, art rock.